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Virtuous Circle Counselling of Calgary offers Mental Health Assessments, powered by Creyos.

All of us have had days where we felt like we were firing on all cylinders, mentally. We are able to focus, concentrate and make quick decisions. On other days, we might feel slow and unfocused. These changes in cognitive effectiveness can be related to mood, stress, lack of sleep, too much caffeine, or overuse of technology (as just a few examples).

Measuring your cognitive vigor is one of the best ways to track the progress of a health intervention. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your physical health, slow brain aging, dealing with anxiety or depression, or want to make any number of lifestyle improvements, it’s important to document how you are doing. Especially if you’re building an argument for your doctor about why you should be tested for certain conditions.

Mental Health Assessment is becoming the gold standard for assessing and tracking brain health. Various cognitive measures, such as reaction time, Intelligence Quotient (IQ), and memory tests, are being used by millions of people to track their own brain health, or the brain health of loved ones.

Mental Health Assessments allows our team at VC Counselling to identify where a client is cognitively upon entering treatment. It allows us to create plans that fit their needs when they begin their journey to better mental health and allows for quantifying growth and progress overtime both as a clinical model and practice as well as monitoring success through the following steps:

Mental health is important because it is so prevalent. Stress, trauma, depression, anxiety and substance use disorders have a huge impact on cognition. By assessing a client’s cognitive skillset, their strengths and weaknesses in different cognitive domains can be identified and then addressed in treatment.

What can our Mental Health Assessment Testing provide you?

Creyos Testing Platform offers a suite of evidence-based mental health assessments that can help healthcare professionals in evaluating patient possibilities for mental health dysfunction. 

The platform includes a series of modules specific to mental health treatments, including areas such as memory, concentration, reasoning, verbal abilities and more. As cognition is so closely linked to human health and well-being, these core areas are often affected by common mental disorders, as well as by the illnesses or medications that are most commonly associated with mood disorders.

Check out a sample Mental Health Assessment report here:

The brain is the ultimate frontier, and scientists are still trying to uncover the secrets the brain holds. It’s a complicated organ that can be difficult to study. However, by measuring specific functions, we can determine how different areas of the brain are working together. When we speak about a mental health impairment, what we generally consider is the ability of a person to carry out certain activities in daily life or at work.

Research has shown that people vary widely in how they learn and what kinds of cognitive processes they use. Our practice proposes a set of tests to be administered online that would allow us to evaluate a specific person’s performances in terms of their cognitive skills, strengths, and weaknesses. 

The results produced are not only meaningful but also accurate enough to be compared with a person’s performances across time. These results allow us to better serve our clients through treatment plans that have been specialized to meet their individual needs.

A Science-Based Mental Health Assessment Tool

Never underestimate the power of a good assessment. There are many ways to get feedback on your cognitive abilities but it can be time consuming and expensive to travel to an office where you’re likely to be given a paper-and-pencil test . It also could be impossible to do so if you live in a rural area that doesn’t have access to the same services as a more urban location.

Monkey Ladder Test

Double Trouble Test

Imagine a mental health assessment tool based on more than 25 years of research and used in 300 studies. A tool that allows you to take control of your brain to enhance your learning and develop your greatest talents. One that is science-based, and practical to use at home. Based on these criteria, the team at VC Counselling has selected the Mental Health Assessment Tool by Creyos.

Mental Health Testing is the cornerstone of modern neuroscience and the most effective way to provide an objective overview of cognitive function. Since the correlation between cognitive function and health and mood disorders are so profound, this evidence-based assessment can be a critical key in understanding and creating individualized treatment plans for our patients.

There are many approaches and self-assessments for measuring cognitive function but few of them have the breadth of research guides and real-world examples as the Creyos Cognitive Assessment, call our practice at (587) 856-8369 to learn more or begin your self-assessment online today.


Individual counselling (or psychotherapy) is a collaborative partnership between you and a mental health professional in which you speak openly about your life experiences and concerns, and work together to identify solutions and achieve your personal goals.

Individual counselling in Calgary is a popular approach to therapy because it fosters a closer one-on-one relationship between the therapist and client. The counsellor is able to provide feedback and get to know a client on a more personal level than in a group setting. Seeing a counsellor allows you to get a better understanding of how your thoughts and feelings affect your behaviors, lifestyle choices and relationships with others.

The differences between individual and group counseling sessions are several. Counselling in an individual format tends to be longer, more in-depth, require more commitment from both the professional and the client, and can have a more private feel. Working with others in a group format lends itself to a sense of community, fostering feelings of oneness with the group members. Both formats have their place in mental health treatment.

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This Tools Tests Areas Such as memory, concentration, reasoning, and verbal abilities

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