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Anger management therapy services in Calgary that will help you control emotions and behavior

Ask yourself some powerful questions: Has your anger impacted your work performance? How about your interactions with your partner or children? Your ability to enjoy activities you used to enjoy? We want to assist you in working through your symptoms before they escalate further. Through our work, we’ve established a pattern of care that focuses on the person behind the symptoms as well as the symptoms themselves.  This is your time. This is your moment. By exploring the root of your anger, you can learn effective strategies that will help loosen the guilt, shame and fear associated with anger. We know that you do not want to live feeling angry all the time, there is hope.

Fear and Sadness

I have no control. How am I supposed to get by without support?  If only ‘they’ stopped making me angry, if only someone listened. No one seems to appreciate me or what I do around here and yet I can’t just leave. I know this wrong but I just can’t move. It makes me so mad inside. To hell with them. Let’s see how long he can handle the silent treatment. Maybe I’ll just stop everything for a while until he gets a dose of his own treatment… but then what? What if I push too far? This is not fair. Why can’t I just be at peace?

Fear, sadness, isolation within ourselves and our feelings are the primary reason we get stuck in a constant state of internal crisis. 


“Don’t bother. You couldn’t possibly understand because it never happened to you did it!? Spare me your disingenuous sympathy and your pretentious displays around the home. I live in my own personal hell thank-you-very-much and there is nothing you can do about it so just back off and leave me alone okay?” Anger… these are just a few examples of where it can originate and how powerful of an emotion it can be.

Anger management therapy may contain some answers to diffusing your anger before it creates something even worse. What is anger? Is it wrong to be angry? Does it actually serve a purpose? You might be surprised to know that the root of the word DANGER is actually anger. Anger itself is not wrong or bad… but it sure matters how we use it. In the face of injustice, anger is a powerful ally, but many times we do not experience valid anger to challenge injustice… but a twisted, distorted anger that is based on expectations, on how we feel, or on myths that we have allowed to take root in our hearts and minds… myths that need to be confronted, processed, challenged in some cases, and dissolved in others.

There is hope for your anger and you do not have to be its prisoner. At Virtuous Circle Counselling, we can help you explore the root of your anger issues, help you achieve a level of insight that you may lack at present, and remove the shame that has held you in that anger for far too long. Don’t be afraid to find an anger management therapist Calgary!

At Virtuous Circle Counselling you will find an answer to that burning question of “Where can I find anger management counselling?” by honing in on proven treatment techniques and practice that provide you with the tools that you need to succeed in a space that is inclusive and safe for treatment.

If you are looking to find Calgary anger therapy, book your free initial consultation today. If your fear is a barrier to face to face care, we understand and we also offer online counselling / online therapy or if your prefer telephone therapy where we can still connect, work through your fears, and get you the result that you are looking for.

Call us today. We look forward to helping you explore solutions so that you can live life on your own terms.

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