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What Is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)?

CBT therapy (also known as “Cognitive Behavioural Therapy”) is a type of talk therapy (psychotherapy). Our CBT therapy in Calgary is based on three simple but powerful concepts: how people think affects how they feel and behave; thoughts determine feelings and behaviours; and feelings influence thoughts. It therefore takes a holistic approach to mental health, where the therapist looks at all these factors. 

Many people struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, and difficulties in relationships due to harmful, unhelpful thinking patterns. CBT can show you how to identify and change these patterns that contribute to your distress. 

CBT therapy by Virtuous Circle Counselling in Calgary can provide a positive rather than pessimistic view of the future. It’s flexible to adapt to each individual and their specific problems. Unlike take-the-pill solutions, CBT takes into account the person’s environment, relationships, family situation and work obligations when working to make positive changes in behaviour.

In therapy, you will learn how to manage stresses and problems as they occur. You will also be trained in mindfulness in order to identify and change harmful thinking and develop new coping skills. CBT also includes skill-building exercises that help you apply and practice new ways to think and react, so you can manage your problems and improve quality of life. 

People who use CBT don’t simply learn about themselves—they also change things. People are very good at helping themselves when they feel able and capable, and CBT allows people to take control of their lives by understanding how they think and how this affects their day-to-day living.

What Is The Purpose Of CBT Therapy In Calgary?

CBT works to change the way you think about and react to difficult situations. It helps you improve your mood and lowers the stress in your life by teaching you how to solve problems instead of making them worse, and training you to view issues as challenges instead of obstacles.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy helps you identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviours. The CBT approach was initially used to treat depression, but has now been applied to a range of clinical issues, including anxiety, drug abuse, eating disorders, PTSD and anger management.

Thoughts can affect your mood, which in turn affects the way you act. If problems arise in one area, it can lead to other problems. For example, if you make mistakes at work because of low self-esteem, you might then develop depression related to your job or or life in general. Or if you are depressed about your work, you might then start having problems at home. This cycle is often unhelpful, with CBT therapy Calgary it’s possible to break the cycle.

What Can I Expect During CBT Therapy Sessions?

CBT has a goal-focused approach – you will look at events and the way you interpret them in terms of overall patterns of thinking, behaviour and emotions. You will be asked to consider what consequences these thought patterns have on your life. 

CBT can make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself and your everyday life. Initial therapy sessions focus on getting acquainted, and establishing goals for treatment. Sessions are generally scheduled weekly or biweekly, and involve discussion of progress and homework.

Therapists are trained to create a warm and supportive environment, but you may still feel emotionally uncomfortable when tackling challenging situations or subjects. These feelings will lessen over time and as your progress in therapy. Your therapist can help you deal with any uncomfortable feelings by using simple CBT techniques.

The more you participate in CBT therapy in Calgary, the less emotional discomfort you’re likely to feel. Any anxiety will be further reduced once you start working on a problem and new ideas emerge. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is one of the most effective ways to overcome emotional difficulties and live a satisfying life.

How Do I Prepare For CBT Therapy?

  • First, identify the problem that’s bothering you. Is it depression? Anxiety? Relationship issues?;
  • Next, see your doctor or therapist for a simple evaluation to make sure CBT is the right choice for you; and
  • Finally, make an appointment to start cognitive behavioural therapy. 

The length of treatment varies from person to person and different people respond differently to treatment. Some sessions may be recorded for later review between you and your therapist. 

Checklists are also a useful tool in treatment as they help you remember to focus on important aspects of your life. You can have your therapist help you with these checklists at first, then later use them independently as a way to monitor progress.

Cognitive behavioural therapy helps you change the way you think and act, which can improve how you feel. If this piques your interest, find out more about CBT therapy Calgary by talking with a therapist at or contacting a mental health organization.

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CBT is a combination of psychotherapy techniques and cognitive, behavioral, educational, and/or interpersonal psychotherapeutic interventions designed to assist the client in acquiring new thinking skills.

It all depends on the problem you are facing and the kind of CBT you’d like to receive. But in most cases, it takes around 3-5 sessions to notice real progress.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy which focuses on the present rather than the past. You’ll be asked to talk about what is going on immediately in your life, without dwelling on things that happened in the past. This type of therapy asks you to think about any unhelpful patterns that you have and challenges your thoughts and beliefs. CBT also encourages you to change the way you behave,this can help you become less anxious.

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