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LGBTQ2+ Counselling Calgary

LGBTQ2+ Affirming Counselling In Calgary

Virtuous Circle Counselling has a long history of providing LGBTQ+ Counselling in Calgary. We recognize that sexual identity and gender expression are complex issues consisting of biological, psychological and social factors that interact over time. Our mental health professionals acknowledge the fundamental bias which exists in our society toward same-sex relationships and trans or gender non-conforming individuals. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping these clients navigate their unique challenges.

Our primary goal is your happiness and sense of empowerment. Whether you’re interested in coming out to yourself or others, resolving relationship conflicts, eliminating shame and regret, increasing self-confidence, or simply are seeking a supportive space to explore how you identify, we welcome you. 

We also want to stress that these are not our only areas of expertise as a counselling clinic—we want to work with you on your individualized needs. Our professionals can help with a wide range of issues and concerns including family conflict, anxiety and depression, trauma, and grief. Contact us today for more information.

LGBTQ+ Counselling Calgary

Gender And Sexual Diversity

With so many people opening up about their gender, sexuality, and identity, the world is becoming a more welcoming place for all of us. We all deserve to feel comfortable in who we are and how we identify. We at Virtuous Circle understand this and support individuals who wish to explore themes related to gender identity and sexual diversity.

At the end of the day, no two people are exactly alike, which means that we all require different things to feel most comfortable with ourselves. This is true for our sexuality and our gender identity. Our goal at Virtuous Circle is to foster self-acceptance as well as an increased sense of self-efficacy in every single person who walks through our doors. We achieve this by approaching every client as an individual, which means that we communicate with them differently depending on their needs.  

Each session, we strive to explore new avenues to encourage each individual or couple to some greater level of self-acceptance and personal growth. The most rewarding part of our work comes when we see clients succeed beyond even their own expectations.

Transgender And Gender Non-Conforming Counselling

Virtuous Circle is a welcoming and affirming counselling practice. We accept all clients, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. We respect and affirm you on your path to personal growth, self-exploration, spiritual awareness, and finding meaningful connections with others. If you are looking to reconcile feelings surrounding your gender identity or sexual orientation, we can help.

If you are questioning your gender, struggling with anxiety and depression, or exploring options for medical transition, Virtuous Circle has a team of caring and dedicated professionals ready to support you! Our counselling therapists have expertise in working with individuals who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming, as well as the parents/partners/family members, and children of those individuals. Contact us today and let us help guide you through your transition journey.

LGBTQ2+ Youth Counselling In Calgary

Youth and LGBTQ+ individuals may struggle to address the coming out process with their friends, family, and school community. Self-acceptance and understanding of LGBTQ+ identities can be a time consuming process for people of all ages. In addition to navigating through the acceptance or rejection of others during this time, they may also experience confusion, guilt, shame, anxiety and depression. These feelings may result in negative self-judgement, loss of self-esteem, isolation and unintentional risk-taking behaviours that can lead to unsafe sexual practices or alcohol/drug abuse.

LGBTQ+ youth who are struggling with their sexual orientation and/or gender identity may benefit substantially from counselling. Counselling may help them to identify those who are accepting of their disclosed sexual and/or gender identity, while aiding them in developing the social skills necessary to negotiate feelings of discomfort or rejection. In addition, by exploring issues around developing a positive sense of self and feeling comfortable with one’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity, LGBTQ+ youth counselling in Calgary may be able to improve anxiety, depression, guilt and self-blame.

Counselling in Calgary LGBTQ

Family Support For The LGBTQ2+ Community

If you are the parent or family member of someone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, 2 spirited or any other individuals that fall under the LGBTQ2+ umbrella, you may be feeling confused and unsure about how to support your loved one. You have probably already learned that simply living in our society can be a challenge for a person who is LGBTQ2+. 

A therapist can guide you through how to learn more about your loved one’s situation, and how to support them in your family. Support does not have to be difficult – if we offer unconditional love, our LGBTQ2+ family can live happy and healthy lives.

Calgary Resources For LGBTQ2+

Below we have provided some resources, organizations and support groups in Calgary for the LGBTQ2+ Community:

Everybody has the right to be treated fairly, to feel included, and to be accepted for who they are. If you’ve been bullied for your sexuality or gender identity or are feeling lonely or confused, reach out. VC Counselling is ready to help.

LGBTQ2+ Counselling Questions

The term ‘LGBTQ2+’ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and 2-Spirited. It also includes sexual orientations that are not heterosexual and gender identities that are not either male or female.

Gender is part of who you are and how you feel within your body. This can be different to what your birth certificate says, or what you’ve been told by family or friends. If you’re experiencing distress or uncertainty about your gender identity, it’s important to talk to someone you can trust. This can be a peer, parent, guidance counsellor, teacher or therapist.

If you have a child who is expressing gender-diverse thoughts and feelings, it’s your job as the parent/guardian to support and listen without judgement. There is no right or wrong way to be transgender or gender nonconforming; these are just the expressions of self that your child feels in their day to day life. You should never try to change your child’s identity or make them feel ashamed or confused about their gender expression. If you need additional support when managing a non-binary child, consider speaking with a mental health professional that specializes in gender diversity.

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