Couples Counselling Calgary

Virtuous Circle Couples Counselling services in Calgary help couples maintain a healthy relationship and conquer challenges.

It is important to recognize that the term ‘relationship’ is not merely exclusive to one specific term or definition of a couple. In session, it is important that clients feel safe and are able to feel validated and recognized by their relationship status, even as it may be outside of what is considered as mainstream norms. With Virtuous Circle Counselling we recognize romantic partnership dynamics to include; monogamous, polyamorous, long-distance, casual sex, ‘friends with benefits’, asexual, open-marriage as well as LGBTQ+ partnerships. We are a gender affirming and non-judgemental space for individuals to bring forward their issues with the hope to resolve their problems in order to achieve their goals within that partnership. 

LGBTQ+ partnerships

In Person and Online/Video Therapy Available for Our Couples Counselling Sessions

Couples online counselling or in-person couples therapy can be a creative way to address a common hurdle. When couples require counselling, it is often because there has been a breakdown in trust and communication. At times like these, it is important to have a third party involved that can promote progress through evidence-based therapeutic techniques. Here at Virtuous Circle Counselling, we offer in-persons and virtual counselling to couples in need so that they can find their way to a healthier future.

Couples counselling is often the final step before a fractured relationship heals or disbands. In either outcome, couples therapy in Calgary can ensure that you are given a safe and inclusive space to explore your relationship in a healthy way. 

The best couples therapy in Calgary will not work like a light switch, there is no on/off button for progress. Instead, couples will need to enter couples therapy in Calgary with the intention of working together toward the right solution for their relationship. Within a couples counselling session, both parties will have the freedom and support to declare their feelings, explore their relationship hurdles, and address potential solutions.

Couples Counselling Calgary

Couples Therapy Can Help Restore Intimacy and Connection in Your Relationship

While you and your partner or spouse may have gone to couples counselling in the past and continue to experience unresolved issues, therapy requires ongoing commitment, maintenance and consistency. Our goal is to ensure that both individuals feel supported, valued and safe in this process. Couples Therapy goes beyond proving one person is right and one person is wrong. The ultimate goal is to bring closure to an issue and bring you closer to your partner. As a result, you will experience improved trust, security and unity all while enhancing the intimacy you once shared.

While couples therapy in Calgary is never the easiest service to find, we hope to make it as easy as possible for our clients. We are currently offering in-person, online counselling and phone-based services to facilitate the needs of our clients around Alberta. Virtuous Circle Counselling is accepted by most private extended health insurance companies as well as providing direct billing support for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC).

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