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Are you a phobic person who is looking for phobia counselling in Calgary? You have come to the right place. Virtuous Circle Counselling is a counselling clinic that specializes in various kinds of counselling and therapy for all sorts of conditions including phobia, anxiety and other mental health issues. 

If you are an individual with a phobia, you are likely to feel very uncomfortable in the presence of any objects or situations that trigger your phobic response and/or you go to great lengths to avoid your triggers. This can result in large amounts of anxiety and/or panic attacks and chronic avoidance behaviour.

Fear is something we are all familiar with but none of us like to experience. A phobia is often a condition that can have a very negative impact on a person’s life and relationships, both personally and professionally. Learning how to manage phobias effectively can be one of the most beneficial things you do for your overall well being.

People with phobias can experience a broad array of emotional, mental and physical symptoms as they attempt to go about their daily lives. From anxiety to physical agitation, a phobia can negatively impact many aspects of your life. In order to deal with a phobia effectively you will need to seek professional assistance and counselling. Phobia counselling can be an effective way to understand how to manage the symptoms you experience in relation to your phobia and how to avoid the factors that trigger it.

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What Is Considered A Phobia

A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, and is considered to be an exaggerated or unrealistic fear of an object, place, situation, feeling or animal. A person will likely feel unbearable anxiety when encountering the object of their phobia and they will have stress-related physical symptoms such as rapid breathing and heart rate.

Phobias are generally understood to be irrational, but those suffering from a phobia can still convince themselves that they are in danger. Some examples of types of phobias include:

  • Acrophobia (fear of heights); 
  • Aerophobia (fear of flying);
  • Agoraphobia (fear of open spaces);
  • Arachnophobia (fear of spiders);
  • Claustrophobia (fear of closed spaces);
  • Bll Phobias (fear of blood and/or needles);
  • Dentophobia (fear of visiting the dentist);
  • Entomophobia (fear of insects);
  • Glossophobia (fear of public speaking);
  • Hypochondria (fear of getting sick); and the list goes on..


Though not necessarily fatal, phobias are still very much mental disorders that can get in the way of a person’s life. People with phobias will go to extreme lengths to get away from the object of their phobia, often experiencing depersonalization symptoms and many other forms of negative psychological alteration. 

However, there are many treatment options available for people suffering from phobias such as phobia counselling in Calgary with the experienced team at Virtuous Circle Counselling. Contact us today and learn how you can start conquering your fears.

Anxiety, Fear And Phobia Counselling With Virtuous Circle

For many fear and phobia sufferers, facing their fears in the real world can be impossible. Facing a fear in a controlled environment allows them to create a situation where they can face their fears, learn that they are not as bad as they think, and repeat this as necessary to help them overcome their fears.

Virtuous Circle provides evidence-based treatment approaches to help you overcome your fear or anxiety in a calm and safe environment. Our therapists will work with you to address your fear, reduce symptoms and improve your quality of life. Informed by psychological, social and philosophical principles, Virtuous Circle uses a range of evidence-based treatment approaches that are flexible, effective and affordable.

Counselling for Phobias in Calgary

Which Counselling Works Best For Phobias?

At Virtuous Circle Counselling, we believe in using the most modern and effective treatments to help people deal with their phobias. We offer a number of different treatment options and we tailor each plan according to the client’s needs and preferences. When it comes to phobia counselling, we find the following treatments to have the highest success rates:


The goal of the therapy is to change the way you think and behave so that your fear no longer has such a strong grip on your life. It’s likely that you will be challenged in some way by your therapist, and it’s important to trust him or her and be willing to open up. The only way therapy works is if you truly commit to its process. Visit Virtuous Circle Counselling to learn more about our clinic and how we can help you start living a life free from fear.

Phobia Counselling Questions

Cognitive and behavioural techniques for phobia treatment have high success rates. A number of techniques have also now been developed to target specific phobias, such as selective conditioning which uses the fear hierarchy to customize the exposure to reduce anxiety and increase control. The results from these studies are promising and indicate that many phobias can be successfully treated. 

Living with an anxiety disorder or phobia can present many challenges to your day-to-day life. It’s important to seek out help for the best possible treatment, whether that’s a prescription medication (like antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications), therapy, or phobia counselling. Take the time to find a treatment that works best for you, and commit to it. With support, even the most crippling anxiety disorders can be treated successfully.

Phobias are generally considered a mental illness, because they impact the way you feel, think, and behave. If you are fearful of situations in which the phobia is likely to be active — when you might encounter a spider or snake, for example — then your fears will probably prevent you from functioning normally. In this case, your fears may seriously affect a number of areas in your life. Many people with phobias also suffer in silence, avoiding not only specific objects or situations but also social interactions.

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