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Child Psychologist Calgary

How To Choose The Best Child Psychologist In Calgary

Choosing the best child psychologist in Calgary can make all of the difference in helping your child overcome or manage their problems. A child psychologist, also known as a pediatric psychologist, children’s therapist, or child counsellor, is a mental health professional who works with children, teens and their families to help build coping mechanisms for a variety of mental health challenges.

As parents, we want to help guide our children as they grow and develop into functioning adults. That being said, children can sometimes find themselves struggling emotionally in school, at home, and in social situations–and this may be a sign of emotional difficulties or psychological disorders that a parent simply isn’t able to navigate. Child psychologists are trained to help diagnose the emotional wellbeing of children and teenagers, helping them to overcome hurdles and challenging emotions when needed.

At Virtuous Circle Counselling, we have a team of experts who bring together a variety of services under one roof. We can help youth with the following challenges and issues:

  1. Anxiety;
  2. ADHD;
  3. OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder);
  4. Self-Esteem building;
  5. Bullying;
  6. Behavioural Problems;
  7. Coping with divorce;
  8. Youth technology addiction;
  9. Giftedness;
  10. Learning and intellectual disabilities;
  11. Depression, and
  12. Mood disorders.

Choosing to see a child psychologist in Calgary will not only help your child with the struggles he or she may face, but it can also improve your family’s quality of life and give everyone an opportunity to receive the care needed to improve their mental health.

Child Psychology Services

Three of the fundamental goals of Virtuous Circle Counselling include: changing perceptions and attitudes towards mental health, providing people with the most recent and comprehensive child psychology services, and acting as a catalyst for the development of new programs, policies and initiatives that improve the lives of children in Calgary.

We do this by focusing on helping young people improve coping skills, self-esteem and mental health, as well as helping the family develop healthy relationships. At VCC, you can find the following services for your family

  1. Child counselling;
  2. Teen counselling; and
  3. Parent counselling and consultation.

Early childhood development is so important. It is the foundation for all future development, and can contribute to everything from performance in school to success at work. The support that a child psychologist can provide is life changing for both children and their families.

Child Psychologist Calgary

Child Psychologists In Calgary Specializing In Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common psychological issues for children in North America. Your child may be feeling anxious for a variety of different reasons, it can happen at any time, and no family is immune from it. However, this does not mean that your child’s anxiety should run your household and disrupt the lives of everyone involved. Instead, take a proactive stance towards your child’s anxiety by reaching out to someone who specializes in anxiety among children.

Chances are that a child psychologist near you has many years experience in dealing with children and their families. They can provide you with information about your child’s behaviour and offer expert advice on how to handle it.

If you are worried about your child or are concerned that they may be suffering from some emotional issues, consider seeking the professional advice of Virtuous Circle Counselling. We will work with you and your child to help identify problems and find long-term solutions.

Children’s Therapy And Counselling In Calgary

Each child is an individual and has his or her own unique personality, family life and developmental needs.  Our highly skilled therapists work collaboratively with parents, guardians, children and other professionals to create a plan of care that meets the goals of all involved. These therapy sessions aid in nurturing the whole child while developing the skills they need to succeed at home, in school and throughout their lives

Virtuous Circle Counselling’s child psychologists utilize a variety of therapeutic techniques in order to help your child thrive, and lead a healthy and happy life. Some of the different therapies used are listed below:

  1. Talk Therapy;
  2. Play Therapy;
  3. Expressive Art Therapy;
  4. ADHD/Executive Skills Coaching;
  5. CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy); and
  6. Regulation Therapy.

Finding the best Calgary children’s therapist for your child can be a difficult task. Our therapists help children on their journey of learning to understand emotions and triggers that cause their actions. By identifying these triggers our therapists can help children channel all of their energy into a positive, healthy activity.

In addition, we aim to better understand our clients’ strengths and weaknesses so that holistic therapeutic techniques can be applied to ensure long lasting change and repair in your child’s life.

Pediatic Psychologist Calgary

Child Psychological Assessments by Virtuous Circle Counselling

A psychological assessment offers parents with insights into their child’s learning, social, behavioural and personality development. Psychological assessments are often recommended by child educators, child psychologists, and developmental specialists to provide the best recommendations for improving your child’s abilities.

Virtuous Circle Counselling provides professional, evidence-based assessments for children. Our psychologists provide assessments on a wide range of issues including: 

  1. Child Development and Learning; 
  2. Behaviour Assessment;
  3. ADHD Assessment
  4. Gifted Assessment
  5. Psychoeducational Assessment
  6. Specific Learning Disabilities; 
  7. Social Skills and Interpersonal Relationships;
  8. Cognitive and Academic Functioning; and
  9. Evaluation for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

At Virtuous Circle Counselling, we aim to improve children’s functioning in the home and at school. We work with parents and teachers to find the best way to support the child in their development and decrease disruptive behaviours that may be creating an environment of fear, avoidance, or failure. Contact us today to learn more about our child psychology services.

Our Child Psychologists

Saowanee Srisuriyamart Registered Psychologist (1)
Saowanee Srisuriyamart
Psychologist (SE Clinic)
Lynda Burgess, Registered Psychologist | Virtuous Circle Counselling
Lynda Burgess
Psychologist (NW Clinic)
Rebecca O'Leary Calgary Psychologist
Rebecca O'Leary
Provisional Psychologist (SW Clinic)
Beatrice Achen Calgary Psychologist
Beatrice Achen
Provisional Psychologist (SW Clinic)

Frequently Asked Questions

There are few tasks in a parent’s life that prepare them to explain to their child that they are going to be seeing a psychologist. The anticipation, fear, and uncertainty is overwhelming. Parents should realize that some children will understand the explanation while others may not. Nevertheless, honesty, empathy and patience will set the stage for future conversations which need to take place.

Parental attachment and involvement in their child’s therapy is incredibly important. Research shows, parent presence at the child’s individual sessions adds significantly to therapeutic outcomes. That said, you may not be present in every session or may just be involved in part of the session, leaving one-on-one time for your child and their therapist.

Whether your child is being bullied, having problems making friends, unable to pay attention in class anymore, shows more aggressive or violent tendencies, or has a wide range of behavioural changes, it may be a good idea to get him or her evaluated by a psychologist. Psychologists and other mental health professionals can use an array of diagnostic tools and tests to determine if your child has any underlying issues that are causing the problem. Then they can help you create a treatment plan tailored to your child’s specific needs.

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