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Counselling for Divorce

Counselling for Divorce

In the process of dating and getting married, most couples intend to live in love forever. Even at weddings, they vow to be with each other through good and bad times, till death part them. However, this isn’t always the case. People around the world, including celebrities and religious leaders, are divorcing almost every day. While the causes of divorce vary among couples, most don’t know whether to continue with the divorce or not, especially after living many years together. To avoid making the wrong decision by calling it quits, some couples go for divorce counselling to get support through this emotional moment. Below are warning signs that you should consider divorce counselling.

You Are Always Unhappy

No one is perfect, and even the most amazing couples argue. If the marriage is peaceful, the argument ends up in reconciliation and settlement between the two partners. However, if a simple disagreement ends up in fights and you always feel alone and unhappy, it’s time to seek counselling for divorce. A divorce counsellor advises you what to do as you head for a divorce.


Sudden Change in Behavior

If your partner starts spending more time away from home, loses weight, and changes appearance, it could be a sign that there’s another partner besides you. Another behavior change is reduced sex or your partner demanding more sex because they are always aroused by their new partners. If you find yourself in this situation and need to separate, it would be best to see a divorce counsellor.

You Are Always Avoiding Your Partner

Sometimes, it’s you who feel the urge to divorce your partner. If you get home from work and spend more time in the car before getting in the house, or you prefer drinking with friends instead of going home to your partner, it’s a sign that your marriage is on the verge of breaking. Instead of forcing yourself to live in such a situation, it’s best to approach a divorce counsellor to give you the way forward.

Negative Interactions

When a marriage is successful, couples are happy, and their positive to negative interaction ratio is 20:1. If you realize that your negative interaction exceeds the positive side, it’s a warning sign that you are nearing divorce. Visiting a divorce counsellor at this stage of marriage is important because the counsellor helps you to deal with the issue and undergo the divorce process with a clear mind.

You Live Separate Lives

Happy couples live almost the same life. They tell each other when heading out the time they’ll get home and embrace each other after a long day at work. However, a marriage heading for divorce has couples living like roommates. You don’t care where your partner is and sleep in different rooms. If your marriage is in such a situation and hanging on a thread, you need to seek advice from a divorce counsellor.

If you face several of these warning signs and need Calgary Counselling services, Virtuous Circle Counselling has the best counsellors to advise you on how to go about the divorce.

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