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Counselling Northwest Calgary

Are you looking for Counselling in Northwest Calgary?

North West Calgary is known for creating an environment of support within its vibrant communities. This extends into counselling in Calgary but is prevalent among North West Calgary residents.

Our North West Clinic is located in the Crowfoot area and serves residents in the following areas of the city and beyond:

  1. Arbour Lake
  2. Beddington
  3. Bowness
  4. Brentwood
  5. Crowfoot
  6. Dalhousie
  7. Rocky Ridge
  8. Silver Springs
  9. Tuscany
  10. University District

How can our Northwest Counsellors help you?

Virtuous Circle Counselling understands that it can initially be difficult to seek out support for personal matters. Feelings of negativity during stressful life events are normal but becoming overwhelmed with these feelings can leave you confused and exhausted, unwell and generally unhappy. Braving the initial contact and requesting help is the first step in taking your mental well-being into your own hands.

Be assured that we are here to support and build trust with you, in a safe and non-judgmental environment that will encourage feelings of self-compassion. You will have a strong support system to help you at Virtuous Circle Counselling.

If you are seeking individual counselling, or couples counselling, Virtuous Circle Counselling is available to assist you and can also offer online therapy sessions.

Benefits of finding a therapist in Calgary NW for Yourself, Family and Relationships

There are multiple benefits associated with seeking a therapist in Calgary for counselling and therapy, each of which may be beneficial to an individual at a different stage or period of their life. At the end of the day, it’s really all about self-improvement, achieved through the following benefits:

Creating Healthy Coping Mechanisms

The ability to deal with life’s stressors in a manner that is positive, constructive and healthy can make a world of difference in a person’s quality of life. A counsellor can assist you in the creation of healthy coping mechanisms.

Overcoming Past Traumas

Lingering issues from the past that are not addressed can severely impact day-to-day living. Prior traumas can be the root-cause of certain issues in your present life. Working with a counsellor can help you assess what these traumas may be and provide you with techniques to help you move forward.

Strong Support System

Feeling lonely and isolated can make people feel even more overwhelmed if they’re going through a difficult time. Knowing that you have someone in your corner that wants to help you find a solution can make a big difference.

Achieving Goals

During therapy you will be asked to create some goals that you believe will be beneficial to you. A counsellor can assist you on your journey towards reaching these goals and help you set a precedent for what you want your life to be like.

Improving Relationships

The relationships we have with other people are tied with our quality of life, it is important that we choose to be in relationships that are positive and mutually beneficial. Working with a counsellor can help you to assess which relationships are right for you.

Therapy FAQ

While counselling services are not covered by your Alberta Health Care plan it may be covered by Blue Cross or extended healthcare plans. It’s also important to remember that your mental well-being is an investment in yourself.

Our counsellors will offer a free phone consultation so you can assess if they will be a good fit for you before your first session.

The advice that works for one person may not work for another, our counsellors will endeavour to understand your personal situation and help you explore options that will assist you in finding the answers that will work best for you.

A typical therapy session can last 60 minutes but may run longer, the length of your session will depend upon the mental health service being provided. Your counsellor will be able to assist you in determining the appropriate length of your therapy session.

Book Your Appointment Online

We are currently accepting new clients however being a good fit is everything in a therapeutic alliance. When you’re ready, please contact us for a free 30-minute phone consultation to see if we match your needs and goals.

We at Virtuous Circle Counselling acknowledge Moh’kinstsis, the lands where the Bow and Elbow rivers meet, in what we currently call Calgary. We acknowledge that we are visitors on Moh’kinsstis and acknowledge the Blackfoot are those who named this area as Moh’kinsstis. In the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation, we recognize the ancestral territories, cultures, and oral practices of the Blackfoot people, the Îyarhe Nakoda Nations, the Dene people of the Tsuut’ina Nation, and the Métis Nation of Alberta, Region 3.