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What is Online Therapy?

Before we begin, let’s get down to the basis of understanding what online therapy is (and what it isn’t!) so that people have a more informed knowledge of the resource. In years past, people were accustomed to receiving therapy by meeting with a therapist face-to-face in an office space. While this strategy has worked for many people for many years, it’s not always the most convenient or comfortable option for every person.

Consider how much of your daily life involves online interaction. You may talk with your loved ones, order your groceries, work, or attend school all online. The internet has opened up the door to many people who may have otherwise not had access to these things. Online therapy offers the same solution.

Essentially, online therapy allows clients to use their computer, tablet, or smartphone to connect with their therapist. Communication may occur via instant messaging, text messaging, or video and phone chat. No longer do people have to attend traditional therapy sessions, and for many people, this means that they are finally getting help in the method that works best for them.

However, keep in mind, online therapy is not without work or commitment. In some ways, people believe that online therapy is actually more intensive because people may open up easier when they are at home. It is still the same incredible resource, but without some of the limiting factors that may exist for people in traditional therapy.

Benefits of Online Therapy

The internet has fundamentally changed the world as we know it. From the way we communicate to the way we seek relief; the internet has become a conduit of progress for those willing to embrace it. Due to COVID-19, the importance of online therapy Calgary residents can trust has become more important than ever.

Now, it is easier than ever to look up old friends or reach out to people when we need them the most. While that connectivity is helpful in many social ways, it is also true for therapeutic services. Online therapy allows people to get the help that they need when they need it. If you are considering if online counselling is right for you, we would like to highlight some of the many benefits we see with our clients.


One of the most common reasons people put off therapy is that they think they don’t have time. It can be even easier to put off counselling if you have any reservations at all. Even the smallest challenge (like a longer commute or conflicts in the schedule) can make the difference between people getting help or not. Online therapy allows you to remain in the comfort of your home without a time-sucking commute.

Being in your own home may also help with your comfort level from the very start. It can be scary to start therapy for the first time, and ultra-convenience may help people follow through with that first appointment. You can often schedule times that are most convenient for your schedule, and there may be more room for before or after work time slots.


Lack of accessibility is one of the most common limiting factors people face while searching for therapy services. Online services remove the stress of immediately needing to overcome a physical or mental challenge before your counselling even begins. Online therapy allows people with special physical or mental needs to still have access to the care that they need. For some people, it simply works best to have the therapy come to you. If you have put off finding proper counselling because of your personal limitations, then online therapy opens the door to options you may have never known you had.


Bad weather, sickness, and life in general can make it difficult to get to therapy on time. Inconsistency in attendance can lead to a host of issues for both the patient and the therapist. However, online counselling allows people to still participate even when some of these things get in the way. Overall, this means that people are attending more therapy regularly, which means that you are getting the help that you need on a more consistent basis.


Not everybody has a traditional work or school schedule, and online therapy opens the door to more flexibility with scheduling and approach. Many people appreciate that more out-of-the-box options accommodate their schedule and specific needs. Flexibility may be an attractive feature for people who have felt like therapy just wasn’t an option for them.


Taking the first steps into therapy can be hard for some people. It is not uncommon for people to feel embarrassed or uncertain due to the negative social stigma associated with therapy. Online counselling allows people to start their journey privately. You can choose the best time and space for you to start your therapy, and that can be a liberating experience if you have privacy concerns.

Increases Options

Online therapy increases options for people who may have difficulty finding the right fit. Individuals living in remote areas may have no access to mental health resources, and online therapy options open them to finding the help they need. Whether you have access to more opportunities or not, finding a therapist you connect with can take some time. Online counselling allows more access to therapists that suit your needs.

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Seeking the best online therapy Calgary residents can trust is relatively simple because it is so advantageous. Online counselling allows healthcare professionals to meet their clients in a safe, inviting, and effective space. Through the comfort of your own home, you can now connect with a counsellor to discuss your therapeutic needs. Whether you are seeking therapy for anxiety, depression, or your relationship, help can be on the way with just the click of a button. We can get the ball rolling down the path of progress. We look forward to scheduling your first appointment! If you are still questioning if you are ready, please feel free to call us for a free 30-minute consultation so we might be able to address any concerns you may be experiencing. 


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