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​Depression is real; depression is debilitating. Depression can be fatal if left untreated and it affects 1 in 8 Canadians according to the Canadian Mental Health Association. Even more than depression alone, 20% of us will have some form of a mental health problem or illness. Does it make sense that the mind that got us into the mess we are in may not be the mind that gets us out of it? Will you seek treatment for anxiety? How about treatment for depression? Finding the right Calgary depression therapist will help you overcome, learn and grow. Remember, mental illness does not discriminate and we are all susceptible to experiencing situational or chronic stress that can manifest into something darker. Negative life circumstances can also heighten the risk of becoming depressed but THERE IS HOPE! By seeking depression counselling early, we can fight back against depression Calgary! Learn the tools! Get depression counselling Calgary! Fight back against the stigma and break the silence that keeps us living in our private sorrow, isolated from those we love, and lost within the prison of our mind.

​Counselling can appear to be an overwhelming thing to say the least. Whether we are seeking out depression therapy, Cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT counselling or other cognitive therapy / anxiety therapy and then we throw into the mix whether we want in person therapist sessions or whether we are open to some of the more novel approaches like online therapy sessions / online counselling… if we were not so stressed, anxious, or depressed already, these decisions might add to that until we understand how to get the help we need. 

​I want to be YOUR depression therapist Calgary. I want to be your CBT therapist. I want to be your mental health therapist. I would love to be entrusted with the honor and privilege to walk through whatever crisis you are experiencing and teaching you how to improve symptoms that have been leaving you feeling worthless, helpless or hopeless. I want you to learn more about your sleeping and eating patterns, your concentration issues and the loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, feelings of shame, sadness, grief, loss of interest in sex and feeling more irritable or tearful than usual. I want you to fight back against your fear and get anxiety treatment Calgary. This is the silence that we need to break.

“How should I search for a mental health counsellor near me for depression?” Great question and this is the first step that any individual should take. Treating depression can and will require a host of different efforts from different angles and here at Virtuous Circle Counselling we will use Emotionally Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, Exposure Therapy, and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. You no longer have to be afraid of therapy Calgary.

As no two individuals are the same, treating depression requires time, effort, consistency and patience to ensure the efficacy of the process. Seeking help takes an enormous amount of courage. CBT will likely be the foundation of our efforts to address your symptoms so that you can regain your peace of mind and regular everyday life functions. CBT Mental Health Therapy involves guiding patients as they overcome the belief systems and thought errors that prevent them from succeeding and pushing forward toward health and wellness. CBT is an excellent and well-recognized model for treating depression and enables the individual to shift the cycles of thoughts and behaviours associated with poor mood. Sometimes, however if an individual experiences a multitude of symptoms, it might be helpful to discuss medication to ease the burden of your symptoms while you begin to embark in therapy. While certain medications may be valuable adjuncts of care, you will not find any cures in a pill because your health is your responsibility which is why you are here today. Well done on taking that step to take responsibility for your mental health. Your decisions can influence a new Calgary therapy model where there is no fear or stigma around mental health anymore.  

Here at Virtuous Circle Counselling, I believe in offering my clients a safe and inclusive space to pursue mental health and wellness. Stop asking yourself, “Where can I find a mental health counsellor?”, because you have located counselling services right now. I believe it is not only important to find an educated counsellor but a compassionate one, as well. With 15 years of experience in the field I am ready to guide you toward the mental health and wellness that you seek to treat your depression.

If you are looking for counselling in Calgary, I offer phone-based, in person and online therapy sessions for all individuals and couples in need. Book a consultation today to enjoy a healthier ‘you’ tomorrow!

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