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Do Unmarried Couples Go To Counselling?

Who Can Benefit From Couples Counselling in Calgary?

Couples Counselling in Calgary is appropriate for any two adults who are having excessive conflict in their relationship. It does not matter if you are cohabitating, married, separated or dating someone special. What matters is that you experience more than the normal amount of anger, fear, guilt, pain or sadness over your relationship situation.

Every relationship matures over time, and as a couple moves through different phases of life together, stress, challenges, and differing expectations can place a strain on your relationship. Sometimes couples may need the support and guidance of a trained therapist to help them work through those conflicts.

Couples counselling can be a great way to help couples improve communication and grow stronger in their relationship. There may be times in your relationship when you feel stuck and unable to resolve differences in opinions or beliefs about important issues. Or perhaps you feel misunderstood by your partner and would like to be heard in a deeper and more meaningful way. Counselling can help these challenges when both partners are committed to working towards change.

When Should Two People Decide To Go To Couples Therapy?

At some point, every couple experiences conflict; however, there are many couples who repeatedly argue, blame each other, feel angry and disappointed with each other. These kinds of conflicts can make it difficult to enjoy positive times together.

Couples may experience relationship difficulties for a variety of reasons – this includes unresolved childhood wounds that get worked out in all types of relationships, poor coping strategies that keep them locked into old patterns of relating, feelings of hurt and resentment that lead to defensiveness, or unrealistic expectations that don’t allow them to accept the other person’s strengths and weaknesses.

Below are some indicators that a couple should attend therapy:

  • They are considering ending their relationship;
  • They are unable to communicate about big issues;
  • They feel trapped in the relationship;
  • Their needs for autonomy, security, or risk-taking are unmet;
  • Their needs for physical or emotional closeness are unmet;
  • An imbalance of power exists;
  • They aren’t getting much pleasure out of their relationship; and
  • Their needs for harmony and problem solving are unfulfilled.

Couples may come for therapy in Calgary for various reasons, but the primary reason is that neither partner is happy with the relationship. They know something is missing, and they want to find out what it is.

How Can You Tell When Your Relationship Is In Trouble?

Initially, it might be hard to tell that your relationship is in trouble. Many couples go through periods of disagreement, resentment or feeling that they’re simply not communicating effectively with one another. However, if these feelings continue over a number of months, it does become clear you have to take action.

Relationships come in many forms. There are those you have with your family, friends, coworkers, and those intimate relationships that include your significant other. Each type of relationship is unique in its own way, but one thing that they all share in common is the need for understanding.

Understanding what is going on between you and the people you love is important if you want things to run smoothly. Just like any other kind of relationship, however, it can be difficult to understand what is really happening between couples who find themselves fighting more than talking — more time apart than together.

If you have a relationship that is characterized by infrequent communication, lots of criticism, and a decreased amount of time being spent together, chances are that it is time for a change. Find out what couples counselling in Calgary can do for you by visiting Virtuous Circle Counselling and speaking with one of their qualified therapists.

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