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My Child Is Being Bullied – What Should I Do?

Bullies are rampant these days. As parents, you want to protect your kids as much as possible. Bullying can exist in many forms, which can be physical, psychological, and emotional. In today’s modern times, when social media is prevalent, bullying is on a different level. Don’t worry; we can help you deal with bullies as parents. 

Have a Plan in Place

Whether you believe your child is a victim of bullying or not, go ahead and have a plan in place to make sure they know what they can do in case they are being bullied. 

Make sure you’re aware of the laws in your area and ensure your children are aware of their right to an education. If they are being bullied, they must know how to report it and who they will talk to.

Explain to your child that they should not respond to the bully. It is always best to not engage with them. If they are being bullied, try to find out why and intervene to prevent it from happening again.

Make a List of Responses

Practice phrases your child can use to stop bullying behavior. One of the most important things you can do as a parent is to help your child identify what they want to say to the bully.

Set up mock situations where your child can rehearse their responses. This will make them feel more comfortable when they are being bullied.

Role Play What-If Scenarios

Talk to your kids about what they will do when other kids are bullying them. Make sure you discuss what it looks like and how you want them to respond.

For example, you can say something like, “If so and so says, ‘You’re ugly’, what do you say to him?”

Make sure you talk to your kids about what they will say, how they will say it, and when they will say it.

Promote Positive Body Language

At three years old, your child can start learning tricks that will help them feel more confident and in control when they are in tough situations, like when they are being bullied. 

When your kids feel confident, they start to feel powerful and will be able to handle bullying a lot better.

Make sure you teach them the concept of “presence” and “expression”.

Teach your child that a big part of “presence” is posture and body language. Kids who feel confident and powerful in their own skin take up a lot of space, telling other people they are in control of the situation.

Teach your child that an expression of confidence is making eye contact and smiling when you talk. Kids who feel powerful and confident will smile when responding to people who are being mean to them because they know their smiles will interrupt the bullying.

The Bottom Line

Bullying is a serious issue that can cause emotional damage to kids who are experiencing it. Parents want to protect their children from these harmful experiences, and we hope these tips help you. By preparing your child to deal with bullies, you can prevent bullying occurrences from happening in the future.

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