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If you’re feeling a little disconnected, counselling services in Kamloops can help you reconnect with yourself and with the people around you. Kamloops is a great place to live, work, and grow roots. However, making and keeping friends can sometimes be difficult, especially if there are underlying issues at hand. The city is aiming to create healthy spaces where people can find inspiration and support; where they can find their energy, passion, creativity, purpose and well-being.

The city of Kamloops knows that when it’s people are more connected they do better in their health, education, and finances. Connecting with yourself and with your community is the key to growing, gaining new perspectives and ultimately thriving. 

The citizens of Kamloops believe that a community is more than just a strip of land between two roads. It’s the people who live there who make it feel like home. The secret to creating a community that thrives is to have respectful and meaningful connections between neighbours, businesses, friends, and family.

Life can be hectic, many suffer from a lack of down time and struggle with burnout – this can impact your mental health, how you view yourself and your relationships with others. Participating in your own self-care will help Kamloops become a more balanced, resilient community. 

Connecting With Virtuous Circle Counselling in Kamloops

Connect with yourself, connect with the people around you, and watch your life take a turn for the better.

Virtuous Circle Counselling can help by providing you with a safe and nurturing environment to explore your thoughts and emotions, this may help you feel more connected to yourself and others in your life. Therapy can help you develop greater self-awareness, compassion, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities. It can also help you understand the cause of your distress and guide you towards solutions.

Virtuous Circle Counselling is trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches that may be suitable to help you manage your feelings or address the challenges in your life.

Improve your life and improve your relationships – Kamloops  Counselling can help you look at situations from different perspectives, gain new tools for managing your emotions, and learn new ways to solve problems. Whether you are struggling with loneliness, depression, anxiety, or trauma, or have any other emotional or behavioural issues in life, Virtuous Circle Counselling will listen to you without judgement and with complete confidentiality and respect.

Together we can embark on a journey to build a strong, vibrant community that’s successful and prosperous, one community member at a time. 

Virtuous Circle Counselling is here to help you connect in new and meaningful ways and to support your success. Find more information about our online therapy services here.

Benefits Of Kamloops Counselling Therapy For You And Your Relationships

Therapy is an important tool to help cultivate more positive emotions such as happiness and tolerance. By examining patterns of behavior, usually by way of a live one-on-one session, a person can learn how to make better choices that lead to increased happiness over time.
Therapy is not meant to erase the past or “fix” someone. It’s about learning to live fully in the present. The following are seven reasons to consider counselling:

  • To learn effective coping skills;
  • To work through grief or loss;
  • To gain greater self-understanding;
  • To express thoughts through words;
  • To gain a better understanding of relationships; and
  • To develop self-acceptance.


Counselling in Kamloops, uncovers the root of negative emotions such as anxiety and depression. By changing certain behavioral patterns, a person can learn how to have improved feelings over time. Break free from old patterns of behaviour – After you gain better insight into your relationship with yourself, your relationship with others will improve as well.

Kamloops Therapy FAQ

Life improves when people go to therapy or counseling. They recognize and understand emotions. Therapy can help people make better decisions and with some emotional support, people may be able to feel happier and more comfortable in their own skin.

Psychotherapy is more than just talk; it is a relationship that helps people understand themselves better. It also helps people develop specific new skills to solve problems in their own lives, whether it is effective communication, dealing with guilt or grief, or feeling less depressed or anxious.

Whereas counseling is more short-term and focuses on a specific problem or set of problems, therapy is more long-term and typically deals with a broader range of issues related to the client.

We at Virtuous Circle Counselling acknowledge Moh’kinstsis, the lands where the Bow and Elbow rivers meet, in what we currently call Calgary. We acknowledge that we are visitors on Moh’kinsstis and acknowledge the Blackfoot are those who named this area as Moh’kinsstis. In the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation, we recognize the ancestral territories, cultures, and oral practices of the Blackfoot people, the Îyarhe Nakoda Nations, the Dene people of the Tsuut’ina Nation, and the Métis Nation of Alberta, Region 3.