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Injury Adjustment and Counselling: What You Should Know

It is usual for individuals with severe disease or injury to suffer psychologically. The illness or injury could have been fatal, impeded the individual’s ability to do typical activities, or caused intense suffering. 

Injury adjustment and counselling are often recommended to address these psychological issues. This type of counselling is designed to help individuals cope with their injury or illness’s physical and emotional challenges.

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What is Adjustment to Injury Counseling?

Injury adjustment counselling is a form of therapy that helps individuals cope with the physical and emotional challenges of a severe injury or illness. This type of counselling is designed to help individuals understand their condition and its impact on their lives. 

It also helps them set realistic goals for recovery, develop strategies for achieving those goals, and manage the emotional challenges of their injury or illness. This may include addressing feelings of depression, anxiety, or hopelessness. The counsellor also helps individuals to develop a support network, including friends and family members, to help them cope with their condition. 

What Are the Signs That A Person Needs Injury Counseling?

The most common sign changes in behaviour. A person may become more withdrawn, irritable, or have difficulty sleeping or concentrating. They may also express increased feelings of sadness or hopelessness. 

Other signs include unexplained physical symptoms such as headaches or stomachaches, avoiding situations that remind them of the injury, and frequent thoughts or memories of the event. An individual may also develop issues with substance abuse as a way of coping with the effects of their injury.

In addition, an individual may feel overwhelmed by their situation and uncertain about what to do next. They may become anxious or fearful when thinking about the future. They might also struggle to adjust to any restrictions imposed due to the injury. All these are signs that a person needs professional help and support to work through their feelings and experiences following an injury.

What Are the Benefits of Adjustment to Injury Counseling?

Adjustment to injury counselling is a form of psychological therapy that helps individuals cope with an injury or trauma’s emotional and physical effects. It assists in developing a deeper understanding of the traumatic event, which can help people find ways to move forward. This type of counselling also helps reduce feelings of guilt, anxiety, and depression related to the trauma.

The primary benefit of adjustment to injury counselling is that it assists individuals in coping with their psychological, physical, and emotional reactions to trauma. In this form of counselling, individuals learn how to recognize the emotions they are feeling and how to express them in appropriate ways. 

Additionally, they can learn healthy ways to cope with their pain, develop new strategies for managing stress, and create meaningful connections with others.

Adjustment to injury counselling can also help individuals identify underlying causes of distress stemming from the trauma. This can reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions and increase individuals’ resilience and self-confidence.


Injury adjustment and counselling are essential for recovery for individuals who have suffered a severe injury or illness. It can help individuals cope with their condition’s physical and emotional challenges, improve their quality of life and achieve greater independence. If you or someone you know is experiencing difficulty adjusting to an injury or illness, it is essential to seek professional help as soon as possible. 

If you or someone in your family requires injury counselling in Calgary, Virtuous Circle Counselling is here for you! From counselling individuals to providing occupational therapy for injury adjustment, we are here to provide a safe space where you can explore, process, and heal from the hurt associated with your injury. Get in touch with us now!

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