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If you have ever been asked if you have ADHD or wondered yourself, the only way to be certain is to see a psychologist or a doctor. This is because there are several possible symptoms of the disorder, which can be mistaken for symptoms of other conditions, such as depression or anxiety.

If you are unsure whether you should get an ADHD assessment, you may need to if any of the following statements apply to you.

1. You’re Forgetful

Everyone has the occasional lapse in memory, but for some people, memory problems are so severe that they cannot function normally. A few key signs of ADHD that you may experience are:

  • Forgetting appointments
  • Forgetting to pay your bills on time
  • Forgetting to go to school or work
  • Forgetting to buy necessities such as food or toiletries

2. You’re Distracted

If you find it hard to focus on what is happening around you, it could be because of symptoms of ADHD. In addition to poor concentration, there are several other signs that you may be suffering from inattentiveness, including:

  • Being easily distracted by background noise
  • Being forgetful of everyday chores
  • Being forgetful of where you put your things

3. You Have Trouble Getting Projects Finished

There is no shortage of things to do in life, but if you struggle to get things done, you may have ADHD. Not only do you work to get started on a project, but you also may have trouble finishing it. The following signs of ADHD may indicate that you have trouble getting things done:

  • Being forgetful of your daily chores
  • Finding it hard to get started working on a project
  • Finding that you can’t finish projects

4. You Lack Impulse Control

Everyone has had the urge to snap back at someone or do something rash, but if you feel like your impulses are out of control, you may have ADHD. Signs of impulsivity include:

  • Talking a lot
  • Seeming to never shut up
  • Not thinking before acting
  • Acting without thinking of the consequences

5. You’re Often Late

Everyone has been late to something, but if you find yourself always running late for appointments, it may be because of symptoms of ADHD. If you feel like you can never get anywhere on time, you may be showing signs of the disorder by:

  • Being late to a doctor’s appointment
  • Being late to an important meeting
  • Being late to important or fun events

 6. You Have Trouble Concentrating

If you constantly feel like you are easily distracted, you may have ADHD. In addition to not being able to focus, you may also have trouble reading or seem unable to retain important knowledge. The red flags of ADHD are that you may:

  • Have difficulty concentrating on a task
  • Have trouble reading for long periods
  • Not remember anything you have read
  • Have trouble retaining new knowledge

7. You Leave Things Undone

If you leave your home and neglect to do many chores, such as taking out the trash, you could have ADHD. There are several other warning signs of ADHD that may indicate you are leaving things undone, including:

  • Everyone telling you to do something, and you just forget
  • Forgetting to return something to the store
  • Forgetting to pay the electric bill
  • Forgetting to take out the trash


While you may have noticed these ADHD symptoms in yourself, it doesn’t mean it is a given. There are a variety of other conditions that may cause similar symptoms. So, the only way to know if you have ADHD is to talk to a psychologist or your doctor. They can tell you what you need to do to get a proper diagnosis.

Virtuous Circle Counselling is your Calgary counselling and therapy resource for ADHD (Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder). Our focus is to provide excellent information, understanding, and treatment for those needing ADHD counselling. Using the most up-to-date resources and research, we can help you explore your options regarding ADHD therapy in Calgary. Get in touch with us today!

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